SAND EQUIVALENT SETS (การทดสอบค่าสัดส่วนมวลรวมละเอียด)Sand Scoop

SAND EQUIVALENT SHAKERS (เครื่องเขย่ากระบอกตวง)

SAND EQUIVALENT SHAKERS (เครื่องเขย่ากระบอกตวง)


Sand Equivalent Shaker is recommended for labs performing sand equivalent tests on a regular basis. Positive DC drive assures precise speed and stroke and eliminates errors. A selection switch gives options of precise fixed times of 45 seconds and 10 minutes. The 8 inches (203 mm) throw at 175 cpm is smooth, quiet, and efficient. The hinged safety cover with top viewing windows must be closed to operate the shaker. Test cylinder is held securely by base pin and spring-loaded holder on stoppered end. Product additional height for opening of safety cover.

  • MD-AG408 เครื่องเขย่ากระบอกตวง (Sand equivalent shakers), 220 V., 50 Hz., 1 pH.

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